point of sale for restaurants

the best solution

for your restaurant

This exceptional solution translate into an extended POS with advanced features, such as, inventory management, data analytics and user enhanced experience.
The most Powerful POS Solution.

Developed with the latest technology in order offer the best Graphic User Interface experience.

Unique inventory architecture, provide the best controls for materials and costs in real time.

Designed to adapt to any business from a small store to a big restaurant franchise operator.



Menu Recipes design to register inventory movements in real time.


On table ordering trough a tablet pc or smartphone.


Multi-order type set up.


Integrated payment gateway.


Multi-checks in one order.


Detailed reporting.


Wi-fi or LAN workstations and printers.

x-pos evolution

New optimized and intuitive POS Interface
with cutting edge technology.

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Self Service Kiosks promotes a new interactive
sales channels inside your business.

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The new era of "smart kitchens" has begun
with a brand new Kitchen Display System.

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suite x-bi

Immediate response for all your interrogatives
without consulting third parties.

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Powerful Commissary Kitchens automated

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Manage and analyze all your business indicators.
All in one data server.

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suitex-carta digital

Impact your guest with beautiful and modern
designs for your menu items.

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suite x-rewards

Interact with your costumers implementing
loyalty strategies through a digital platform.

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suite x-pedidos

Manage your delivery or take out in a web
marketplace integrated with your POS.

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This POS Solution is integrated with:

  1. Supply chain automated platform.
  2. Payment Gateway conciliation.
  3. Self Service Kiosks.
  4. Digital Menu in Tablet PC.
  1. Costumer loyalty digital platform.
  2. ERP Systems.
  3. Business Intelligence Systems.

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