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Business scheme, design to obtain big profits and benefits, we are in a growing period in search of Distributors in all the country.

XETUX offers you a Suite that embrace the automatization of processes to the Restaurants industry unique in the National and International market. Designed to be commercialized as technologic solutions focus in littles, medium and big restaurants chains.

At you qualify as distributor Xetux you will increase your profits in an important way, we count with 8 years in the world Market with presence in Panamá, Aruba, Venezuela, República Dominicana, Colombia, Cancún, Ciudad de México, Tabasco.

We implement tools of sales to garantice the success of the comersalization. Xetux is in charge to transmit you all the experience and the knowledge to guarantee his good functioning implementing methods of service for our clients.

become distributor

To be a distributor you must fill our form request.

After the entrance of the information you’ll be contacted for our staff, as distributor Xetux,you have direct contact with groups of experts, Technical Support, Capacitation, publicity and marketing.

Welcome to our business if you are related to the hospitality industry, don’t doubt in listening to our business proposal.

You can also communicate with us through mail to the next address: ventas@xetux.com.

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